SAISON 2017-2018

Cours débutant Cours novice Cours intermédiaire
Save me tonight (M. Gallagher) Stronger (M. Chabret) Wonder (R.Fowler/R.Verdonk/S.Fillion)
Wanna dance (A. Maraffa) One more chance (D.Bailey/F.Whitehouse) Dig your heels (M. Glover)
Drunken sailor (S. Fillion) Lonely drum (D. Mitchell) The ghost of you (R.Verdonk/S. Holland)
Bullfrog on a log (C. Decaney) Champagne promise (T. Argyle) Despacito (S. Berger)
Bollywood 45 (G. Richard / JMB Vane) Just a girl  (S. Fillion) Run me like a river (J&J.Kinser / G.Richard / R.Verdonk & J.Camps)
Mountains to the sea (M. Gallagher) Dancing the dust (T. Argyle) 2 lane highway (G. O'Reilly)
2 more bottles (S. Fillion) Big city summertime (D. Bailey) The violin (K. Sala)
Crash & burn (G. Smith) South of Santa Fe (N. Pelletier) Taking care of you (R. Vos)
Rock in Christmas (A. Hadberg) Roots (T. Argyle) Gypsy Rosa Li (R. Fowler)
Western barn dance (D. Matteis / G. Owsley) Old & grey (R. Fowler) Amarte bacchata (E. Van de Pol / J.Camps)
Country as can be (S. Wilson) Crank it to 10 (Lesley Stewart) Hearts on fire (M. Gallagher)
Little southern girl (D. Bailey) Everytime she walks by (H. Barton) Perfect (A. Johnstone / J. Talbot)
Coastin (R. & T. Yeoman) Nancy Mulligan (M.Gallagher/G.O'Reilly) Razor sharp (S. Sunter)
Be my baby (L. Moedjenan) Ballymore boys (Dynamite Dot) The one you're waiting on (M. Glover)
Lonely drum (D. Mitchell) Shadows (M. Ghisolfo) Cowgirls (S. Fillion / C.Durand / Texasval)
Little shadows (J. Yang) Soldier (S. Cormier) Enough is enough (Ria Vos)
99 degrees (KH Winson/T. Argyle) Sweet hurt (R. Vos) Pull you through (M. Glover/JT Szymanski)
Sixteen summer (F. Coulais) XO (S. Berger) In circles (M. Pagnon)
Stealin the best (R. Multari) Story (M. Glover) Nobody else loving you (J.Kinser / J.Camps)
Green earth (S. Fillion) People are good (G. O'Reilly) You've got my number (M. Pagnon)
Desirable (C. Durand)   Diane (K. Sala)
Another country (B. Morel)   Leave the boat (R. McEnaney)
Over the moon (S & C. Rutter)   People are good (G. O'Reilly)
    Smoke, fire (JM Belloque-Vane/S. Holland)
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